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Taking a short beak from doing commissions from my friends, I was recently recruited by a friend that is making a game, it's currently on a halt for a couple of months so me and a bunch of other artist are doing their best to make a batch of characters
for this kind of game.

Pervy Green jacksepticeye le preview:

Wep by LightAppend
Whispers-Jacksepticeye Free2use so you might already know who this is 

while I am working on my part, I would love to know from you guys if I should ask permission from both mark and jack about adding their buddies into this game? ( I am kinda nervous that this might take for granted, but I really want their lil buddies to be a part of it ;;)

I'll resume on those commissions that are piled up in my folder Kawaii - Jacksepticeye  //slap

that's all for now^^

Ah.. It's been a while since I've ever touched my journal Da fuq ~ Jacksepticeye , em so sorry ;w;
Ah.. Any who: Triggered Jacksepticeye (chat icon) Jacksepticeye Triggered 

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Hannah, that's my real name. .-.
But friends call me tsun so.. (Pls call me that Annoying Headbanging Trash Dove Facebook Emoticon  )

Star sign:
Ugh.. Aries? Was it right? (4/19) °×°)o

Average hours of sleep: 
4 - 8 hours
Cus I like doing art as soon as I woke up when I'm home alone
parents issues pls..

Lucky number:
Don't have a lucky number... But ah. 12

Last thing I googled: 
Jacksepticeye (shhhhhhh Whispers-Jacksepticeye Free2use )

When I started this account:
Nov 30, 2012 °^°)

Amount of watchers:
128 (boi that's a lot)naaaaaa -Jacksepticeye Free2use 

What do I post:
Other stuff

Do I run any more blogs: 
Err..those are blogs right?Mine Mine Mine Jacksepticeye emoticon(Free to use) 

Do I get a lot of comments: 
Jacksepticeye Epic Face Emoticon Not a whole lot, But if I do thank you (someone likes me!Ok, go!!! -Jacksepticeye Free2use  )

Why did I choose this username: 
Hmm well, I like vocaloid before (and until now) and I used to have two siblings here, dunno if when they'll get back ( yes I still wait for them no matter what )

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So as you may all know, Reika-sama's Birthday was Yesterday (November 26) 

((If you don't know who is Reika, well then.... Light-chan will tell you who is Reika))

[ :iconlightappend: : Reika is one of the Famous Japanese Cosplayers in Japan, and she goes to other countries for Cosplay Convention to participate..she is one of my Master's favorite Cosplayers, along with her favorite paring is KanamexReika were their motto is: "No Homo!" ]

anyway, this what I did as her gift for her Birthday : 

It wasn't very easy to decide which suits her favorite design, but by that Time...many Fans do give her their Birthday Gifts to her and one of them is mine. 

After a Day..I got a feed back to her:

I was really happy that she would like it! :squee:

That's all for now, time to go back to my old-self again... =w=


As you may all know, I have been inactive a lot in here, well it because that the Computer got repaired, with a broken 3D Hardware Device.. which means I can't make, use nor play 3D Programs that needs Highly 3D Graphics..including the MikuMikuDance programs, and what would I do to keep it up? :iconderpfaceplz:

Since the new 3D hardware device is low on graphics.... I'll be going after by making Artwork from Paint Tool SAI, it will take a while to finish or make one...Note, In the Reality..I am very busy with all the school work and with the Events going on this month...I might also do some commonly known events for us Otaku's lik:

--> one of the most famous Japanese Cosplayer's, Reika's Birthday (November 26) 

--BloodyVocaloid's Birthday :iconbloodyvocaloid: [I might make something special for her... =w= ]
and other stuff (via: Watching Anime, Reading Manga etc.) :icononiontantrumplz:
By the Month of December, once my School's Christmas break Starts... I might go and make a Model one of my newly favorite Anime Characters (only ONE...maybe? xD) for now....if my Dad ever gets to buy a New Highly 3D Hardware Device and I shall soon learn to make a model tutorials. :) [sure wish he would buy one...xD]

To give this a good end here's one of my Favorite Reika-sama's Cosplay! and Happy Birthday to Reika-sama! (/ >w <)/ 

:heart: :heart: :heart:~REIKA~:heart: :heart: :heart:

Non-stop working

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 7, 2013, 10:24 PM

This Month might be My worst case I've been going through...
I thought that the Month of August might be the Last time I'll experience without rest, but No.... 

Not to mention that most of my School's events have been moved this month because of some worst scenario in my Place I did encounter, Month of September may be Math and Science month, still there are a lot of thing that I want to do on some days..without even bother, YET some of those events are getting in the middle of my Preparation from them..

In School, my Class adviser assigned me and my friends to design a Costume for the Anime Cosplay fashion recycled show thinggy (honestly, me and my friends we're the Only Anime lovers in the class who know about this stuff), 

then after like a week later, another event that was coming up: this time it's a Scince Music Video, where in we make our own Video with the whole Class, from one of the Original Video's in Youtube and They all assigned me again for the Lyrics... then  the NCAE exams are coming (National Career Assessment Examination), I might be focusing on NCAE because that is for my College key on what I am getting when the Time has come...

The Last is the Field trip which will be on October 5 (Saturday). finally is that my School is having Saturday Classes for 4 weeks straight NON-STOP!
One thing that  I hate about  the Field Trip is that the day is also one of my Favorite Anime Conventions are coming the Same Mall were that event and the Field trip are coming...I either do wanna go to that Convention it's just that, last year was my First time going one... also with the Famous Japanese Cosplayers from Japan ( Goldy, Reika, Kaname, Endless Illution, Jesuke, Vic, Vio and Reiko)

I Apologies that, I can't be On all the time..but you think that I am on all the time?..No, I just left this Place on all the time..Not all people can be there always.  I think I've fainted.

VOCALOID: Casual by LightAppend

VocaProject: Project DIVA Chibi Series!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 25, 2013, 3:52 AM
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Nyahahaha~♪ for now, I'll be making A Vocaloid Art Project. The theme: "going back to the beginning of DIVA"   it will be based on the previous Project DIVA games from up to now: 

  • Project DIVA
  • Project DIVA 2nd
  • Project DIVA extend
  • Project DIVA F

It will be starting off from my Favorite Vocaloid up to my Least favorite Vocaloid :

  1. KAITO
  2. Hatsune Miku
  3. Kagamine Len
  4. Kagamine Rin
  5. Megurine Luka
  6. MEIKO 

BUT, it'll be a random selection from their Outfits...for now


Don't forget that SEGA announced that there will be a Second version of the game: "Project DIVA F"!

That's all I got to say~ ♪ (^o^)/

I love vocaloids (Droject DIVA Extended Stamp) by DS-DNA
Project Diva by azianwolfdoll

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